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Originating in the American South with Samoan (Pacific Islander) roots that reach all the way back to New Zealand, we’ve been developing documentary style stories since 2018 with a unique lens.


In 2018 The Yard was nominated for the John E. O'Connor Film Award of the American Historical Association. In 2019 Door Ajar won Best Mississippi Feature at the Oxford Film Festival.


Moving forward, we’re developing stories for narrative feature films, episodic TV series, video gaming, novels, and other mediums to realize the potential of the meta-story framework fully.


On either side of Covid, a young black woman navigates life in Mississippi from being the first female football player at her high school to graduation and gun laws.

Door Ajar Documentary Series – Chapter Zero: “M.B. Mayfield”

The true story of an African American janitor who in 1949, during Jim Crow segregation, learned art through a door ajar at the University of Mississippi.

Door Ajar Documentary Series – Chapter 1: “I have a Mayfield”

Mayfield was a prolific painter and artist. His legacy lives on through his work and the stories they inspire.

Door Ajar Documentary Series – Chapter 2: “MAYFIELD & MEREDITH”

In 2018 we went to the University of Mississippi to see if we could locate the janitor’s closet where Mayfield learned art through a door ajar. What we discovered surpassed our expectations.

The Yard (2018) Trailer

A history professor in Memphis Tennessee discovers that the parking lot of the church he attends used to be a slave yard belonging to a general in the Confederate army.

Recovery Inc – A Clean Start (2020) Trailer

When Ryan gets hooked on his pain meds, he is forced into cleaning houses as a way out. It’s the catalyst for redemption for Ryan and others.