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about us

Three Times Dot Org (3x)


3x uses the meta-story frame-work to develop entertainment products that benefit the community and its partners.


3x partners with organizations community-wide in the delivery of mutual benificial outcomes socially and financially.


3x seeks professionals to produce, distribute, and market its stories and derivative products locally and globally.


The 3x meta-story framework considers all mediums, formats, and audiences when designing and creating singular story modules and their derivatives. The arc of a protagonist’s journey in a story is central to the meta-story framework giving it cognizant familiarity at every touchpoint with its audience—whether it’s the novel, the video game, or the movie of the story.


The success of a 3x production is measured by its community reach in terms of utilization and rewards. End to end, a 3x production aims to engage  the community
at multiple levels and at every opportunity.



3x prodco is a cooperative structure in which entities conduct business during production with passive revenue streams that come online before the production wraps or derivatives go on sale.


Coming Soon

The 3x Blog & Merch is a creative outlet in which we share insights about the creative process. Each blog is accompanied by commemorative merchandise.