Become a Star in new Reality Web Series “No Acting Allowed”

If you’re over the age of 18 and live in North Mississippi and want to share your story with the world then APPLY HERE.

Holly Springs HGTV Home Town Takeover Application the advertising department of 3x recently produced this 7-minute clip for the city of Holly Springs.

Recovery & Redemption

When he ran out of options, he cleaned himself up. Now he helps others get clean. At the height of the opioid epidemic, clean-cut and well educated Ryan, from a conservative background in Mississippi, got hooked on his pain meds. He was forced into cleaning houses. It was the start of a journey of redemption for Ryan and others. READ MORE

Square Books & Grisham

In 1979 Southern Man Richard Howorth and his wife Lisa opened the first Square Books. Back then, Oxford, Mississippi, had a population of less than ten-thousand. Now an Oxford institution, with three outlets on the square, Howorth shares with us his thinking back in the beginning. He also shares his modest part in kick-starting novelist John Grisham’s career. READ MORE

Door Ajar (2019) – Documentary

Watch Now – Included with Amazon Prime

From inside a broom closet through a cracked door, an African American janitor listens and learns art in segregated Mississippi. READ MORE

Once Upon a Time in Tupelo – Happy Birthday Elvis (2020)

On January 8, 2020, a New Zealand filmmaker went to Tupelo, Mississippi, via Graceland to find out what Elvis means to people in his birthplace 42 years after his death. READ MORE

The Yard (2018) – Documentary

Included with Amazon Prime:

A history professor in Memphis Tennessee discovers that the parking lot of the church he attends used to be a slave yard belonging to a general in the Confederate army.  READ MORE

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