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"'OPIOID COWBOY' is an Appalachian take on Scorcese's 'The Departed'"

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"A woman lives to tell the tale of how she married two Appalachian brothers, both Iraq vets with PTSD, who pushed drugs during the opioid crisis—one for the cartel, the other for big pharma."

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Door Ajar

The true story of an African American janitor who in 1949, during Jim Crow segregation, learned art through a door ajar at the University of Mississippi.

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Door Ajar, the feature film, will be filmed in Mississippi. It’s an opportunity for ALL Mississippians to unite in a way that benefits the community socially, culturally, and financially. Plans to film Door Ajar in Mississippi, utilizing original locations where the story took place, is ethical and economically viable. The feasibility of Door Ajar as a homegrown product makes sense. Its global marketability as an awe-inspiring story about a black artist in the Deep South during Jim Crow overcoming the odds is unquestionable. Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to tell the true story of M.B. Mayfield and the Door Ajar! 

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The following stories are in development by The Anonymous Screen Team.


Film | Coming of Age Comedy

Wellington, New Zealand, 1972. For his seventh birthday, Iakopo rides along with his taxi driver dad Kalei, who is trying to earn $150 for a fa’alavelave (funeral) in Samoa and experiences the nightlife and all its creatures, including an escaped convict.

TV | 1/2 Hour Dramedy

When Johnny, a rugby player from Samoa, is mysteriously recruited from obscurity by a patriarchal college football coach in the U.S. he must navigate the fallout when the coach is suddenly accused of hazing and match-fixing.


TV | 1 Hour Paranormal Drama

Based on the book series “Order of Magic” by NYT bestselling author Michelle M. Pillow, Last Chance is the story of three forty-something women who bond over their trauma and are empowered as a result in this small-town paranormal dramedy.

Film | Period | Biopic

The true story of an LGBTQ+ African American janitor, the college professor who discovered him and his art, and their friendship in the Jim Crow south of the 1950s and beyond.

Film | Romance | Dramedy

An unlikely couple brings out the worst and then the best in each other in this dark romantic dramedy with action.

Film | Crime | Dramedy

A woman lives to tell the tale of how she married two Appalachian brothers, both Iraq vets with PTSD, who pushed drugs during the opioid crisis—one for the cartel, the other for big pharma.