Door Ajar (2019) – Documentary

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From inside a broom closet through a cracked door, an African American janitor listens and learns art in segregated Mississippi. READ MORE

The Yard (2018) – Documentary

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A history professor in Memphis Tennessee discovers that the parking lot of the church he attends used to be a slave yard belonging to a general in the Confederate army.  READ MORE

Holly Springs HGTV Home Town Takeover Application

003.agency the advertising department of 3x recently produced this 7-minute clip for the city of Holly Springs.

Recovery & Redemption

When he ran out of options, he cleaned himself up. Now he helps others get clean. At the height of the opioid epidemic, clean-cut and well educated Ryan, from a conservative background in Mississippi, got hooked on his pain meds. He was forced into cleaning houses. It was the start of a journey of redemption for Ryan and others. READ MORE

Square Books & Grisham

In 1979 Southern Man Richard Howorth and his wife Lisa opened the first Square Books. Back then, Oxford, Mississippi, had a population of less than ten-thousand. Now an Oxford institution, with three outlets on the square, Howorth shares with us his thinking back in the beginning. He also shares his modest part in kick-starting novelist John Grisham’s career.

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