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"'OPIOID COWBOY' is an Appalachian take on Scorcese's 'The Departed'"

Screenplay consultants and coverage service WeScreenplay had this to say about Opioid Cowboy feature film screenplay.

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"The journeys of two Appalachian brothers, both Iraq vets with PTSD, who push drugs during the opioid crisis, one for the cartel, the other for big pharma, intertwine with a black documentary filmmaker's road to stardom in this bent crime drama"

Whether you’re a community organization looking for funding or a film producer or financier looking for their next project get in touch with us to find out about Opioid Cowboy and how you can get involved.

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about us

3x is a full-service media company that specializes in storytelling. We deliver across multiple mediums and genres, from documentaries, feature films, and TV to online content.


3x uses the meta-story frame-work to develop entertainment products that benefit the community and its partners.


3x partners with organizations community-wide in the delivery of mutually beneficial outcomes socially and financially.


3x seeks professionals to produce, distribute, and market its stories and derivative products locally and globally.


the team

We are always looking for new, exceptional talent to join the 3x team, from creatives to entrepreneurs. If you believe you have what it takes, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Screenwriter / Author

Michelle is a prolific NY Times & USA TODAY bestselling author with over a million books sold. Publishers include Random House, Virgin Books, Simon and Schuster, among others.


Creator / Screenwriter

Founder of Three Times Dot Org, John is an award winning documentary filmmaker. He is the creator and screenwriter of all stories and derivative products developed and produced by 3x.


Composers & Conductor

Kathryn & Kim are the inspired musical team who scored Scorsese’s passion project, Silence. They've also composed for violinist Midori and legendary jazz-classical icon Branford Marsalis.



The following stories are in development.

TV | Dramedy

Johnny, raised to identify as a female as part of his Samoan culture (a little-known fact), ends up in the U.S. on a football scholarship but drops out into a duplicitous world to support his mother and sister when his father is deported to Samoa.

TV | Crime Dramedy

Days before a damning TV show about her abusive stepfather airs; Ali, a woman of color from Louisiana, drives north to Ohio to meet single dad Todd, who is clueless about her past. 


TV | Historical Drama

York is a freedman at the end of the American Civil War. His goal is to own land, meet the woman of his dreams, Cofey, and raise a family. When falsely accused of murder, York must evade corrupt sheriff JD and his KKK posse, which means going on the run.