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Reality TV Pilot Episode
46 Minutes
Release 2019

Henry Clarke AKA The Moss Hunter turns moss into art and possibly a cure for cancer.

The Moss Hunter

Henry Clarke AKA the Moss Hunter turns moss into art and possibly a cure for cancer.

When he’s not creating art installations for and with young and old at his moss oasis in Oxford, Mississippi, the Moss Hunter can be found along with his intrepid producer/cameraman out in the community offering everything from advice to services to anyone willing to give them the time of day.

The Moss Hunter is charming and naturally humorous. His story is a courageous one without being heroic. It is comedic without a punchline and dramatic without a climatic ending.

The Moss Hunter Pilot Episode

Henry Clarke AKA The Moss Hunter turns moss into art and possibly a cure for cancer.

Former New York street artist Henry Clarke finds himself in Oxford Mississippi. The college town is a stroll in the country compared to NYC.  And the art is more rustic and earthier than the fly and modish self-expressions he’s sold to the rich and famous to which Henry is accustomed.

Around the same time, he discovers moss while walking in the woods Henry finds out he has bladder cancer.

In the pilot episode, Henry visits the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson Mississippi for an MRI scan and to find out the results.

We go along for the ride as Henry gets candid about his experience. We see Henry getting prepped for his MRI scan and talk to Dr. Pound who has had a profound influence on Henry.

Henry’s wife, Toni, shares her story of Henry from how they met to her thoughts of his moss art.

Local reporter Anna Gibbs tells of the time she visited Henry’s moss oasis in Oxford. And Oxford matriarch and confidant Kaye Bryant offers her support for the “Iconic character!”

Proposed Episodes

The Moss Hunter starts his own ad agency
A local restaurateur mentions in passing that he’s looking for an ad agency to create an advertising campaign for his brand. The Moss Hunter jumps on the opportunity to present to the restaurateur.

The Moss Hunter is a mystery restaurant wait staff critic
As one of his “value add” services, the Moss hunter a former 5-star waiter offers to go undercover in one of the restaurateur’s restaurants to test his staff.

The Moss Hunter acts in a play
As a side gig, the Moss hunter acts in a two-person play about Ida B. Wells with his wife, Toni.

The Moss Hunter visits Rowan Oak and William Faulkner’s grave
Oxford Matriarch and close friend Kaye Bryant takes the Moss Hunter to the home and grave of literary giant William Faulkner.

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