The Mystery of the Brown Bomber’s Bust

If you are of a certain age, you might remember driving by the home of the late M. B. Mayfield on old Highway 15 north of Ecru. One never knew what type of artwork would be “on exhibit” on the folk artist’s porch. A favorite of many was the bust of “The Brown Bomber” Joe Louis. It was such a favorite that it was stolen years ago, and now that a documentary is being filmed about the folk artist, there is new energy in the search for the stolen artwork.

Comparable Suffering?

Sovrin’s Star by John Reyer Afamasaga is a powerful, yet tender story of comparable suffering. Set in the South at the end of the American Civil War, life is hellish for everyone. Sovrin, an orphaned boy with spina bifida. Tiker, a street fighter and con artist from the streets of Cheapside London was also an … Continue reading Comparable Suffering?

An Interview with James Meredith & Anthony Bourdain on Oxford

John Reyer Afamasaga, Geno Lee, James Howard Meredith – 6/4/18 Early last Monday morning I set out for Jackson MS in the hope of interviewing James Howard Meredith, the first African American student to enroll at Ole Miss. All week I was nervous whether the interview with Mr. Meredith would happen. His words to me … Continue reading An Interview with James Meredith & Anthony Bourdain on Oxford