Southern Man (2020)

Southern Man Documentary - Three Times Dot Org

58 minutes
Release 2020
Status: In production

In New Zealand where I come from, we have what is known as the “Southern Man.” According to Wikipedia: “…the southern man is a stereotypical male from the more rural South Island, well used to the solitude and conditions of open mountain or hill country.”

Basically, he’s tough bugger ingrained with tradition, a hardy stereotype that some of society aspires to emulate. However, much like what happened with the pioneers of the American Old West living off the land, the modern world is changing what it means to be a Southern Man.

As a filmmaker and storyteller living in the Deep South of the United States, I see stories of change. More and more Southerners are challenging their beliefs and even their cultural history. In doing so, they are often left asking themselves, “Who am I? What am I? What does it mean to be a man living in the changing South?”

Southern Man talks to men of the South to find out.

Behind the scenes:

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