No Acting Allowed

Web Series
Release 2020
Status: Filming

A novice filmmaker from New Zealand finds everyday people in Mississippi, U.S.A, to create a reality web series. One by one, starting with Rusty the Walking Man, an honest drama is born out of the unsuspecting cast’s stories of their trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

No Acting Allowed – e1: Hometown Hero Homeless

Recently, Rusty made the news when he reached the milestone of walking fifty thousand miles. Today, he is homeless after the liquor store he worked in and lived out the back of for the past three years closed down. Rick, a professor at the local university, who is writing a book about forgiveness, which he hopes will get him on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, gives us insight into homelessness in a small college town. Ryan, a local entrepreneur, tries to help. Meanwhile, Rusty’s friends are astounded by the news that he’s homeless. And meet Elijah Brown, trying to juggle being a librarian and landscaper as he pursues his passion for dancing.

No Acting Allowed – e2: Coronavirus Is Killing My Small Business

Ryan owns a small cleaning business in Oxford, Mississippi. On the surface, you’d think that the Coronavirus pandemic would mean more business for Ryan. But COVID-19 is treating all companies the same, big and small. Ryan shares his concerns for his small business with a staff of thirteen, as nearly half the work is already gone.


If you’re over the age of 18 and live in North Mississippi and want to share your story with the world then APPLY HERE:


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