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Southern Man Documentary - Three Times Dot Org

Southern Man

90 minutes
Release 2020
Status: In production

In New Zealand, where I come from, we have what is known as the “Southern Man.” According to Wikipedia: “…the southern man is a stereotypical male from the more rural South Island, well used to the solitude and conditions of open mountain or hill country.”

With that ideology comes certain beliefs and preconceptions by the man and about the man.

As a filmmaker and storyteller living in the Deep South of the United States, I see more and more Southerners challenging their beliefs and even their cultural history. In doing so, they are often left asking, “Who am I? What am I? Southern Man talks to men of the South to find out.

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Rollick & Roll - Elvis is still alive and well in Tupelo

Rollick & Roll – Elvis is still alive and well in Tupelo

40 minutes
Release 2020
Status: Filming

From Elvis’ best friend to the founder of his first fan club in Tupelo to his private nurse this vignette is the genuine article.

Gun or guitar? The story of Elvis’ first guitar

At 11 years old Elvis received his first guitar for his birthday. But it could’ve quite easily have been a gun instead. Thankfully Mr. Forrest Bobo of the Tupelo Hardware Company ascertained that a guitar would be more useful to young Elvis than a .22 rifle.

Live Reenactment of Elvis getting his first guitar. Teaser for Rollick & Roll.

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DaterAxxx - “It doesn’t matter which way you swipe—it’s dangerous”


15 Minutes
Short film
Genre: Tech-noir
Release: 2020

Status: Script

An indie filmmaker takes unnecessary risk when he delves into DaterAxxx a dating app on the dark web as the subject of his next documentary.

Life is good for 23-year-olds Joon, a filmmaker, and Alex, his girlfriend—a veterinarian student.

They live in a big house which belongs to Alex’s parents as they wait to move into their own home right after their wedding in a few months, which will coincide with Alex’s graduation.

A new documentary idea about the infamous dating app DaterAxxx is enticing for Joon even though the internet is awash with DaterAxxx horror stories. Murder, permanent psychosis from just one swipe. Merely installing the app on your device can have repercussions.

Eager for his breakout film, Joon dives headfirst into danger, risking everything he holds dear. Or does he?

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Meeting Olive & Mitchell

Meeting Olive & Mitchell

90 minutes
Release 2020
Status: Script

For a class reunion, martial arts guru Darryl Hieneken returns to the college town where he graduated. It coincides with when successful real estate agent Olive Kerry begins questioning who her birth parents were. Mitchell Hue, an up and coming martial artist, is the subject of a documentary by Antipodean filmmaker Metofeaz Turpontine. The fact that Hieneken was a sperm donor to pay his way through college gives Turpontine’s film a twist he could not have imagined.

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Multimedia Reality Show
Book, Audiobook, T.V.
Subscription based
Release 2021
Status: Development

Starting in 2021, each year from September 5th to December 25th a select team of writers from around the world will gather in NYC to write a story of hope and love. It will be a subscription-based online serial (cost $1 for the reader for the entire season) which the proceeds will go to charity. The writing process, the reception, and feedback from readers around the planet will be filmed and produced as a weekly reality T.V. show.

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