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Nothing Matters Anymore

“Even the good one is bad”

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Short film (Teaser for feature film)
7 minutes
Release 2019
Status: Casting

The factors in a mass shooting are many, and in the age of instant media, opinions have become crutches, which become distractions from the possible causes of mindless deaths. From selling guns to waging political war shootings are as malleable for the malevolent as they are ignorantly exploited by the naive. And still, the killing carries on. NMA’s number 1 goal is not to politicize the issue but to give insight to a scenario often polarized but not thought of as possibly real and capable of happening to you….

Synopsis for feature film:
90 minutes
Release 2020
Status: Screenplay completed

When widower Damon Tucker (50) meets a single mother, Sharon Smith (28) online, it feels as if his life is new again and worth living. Days before the meeting is to take place, disaster strikes. A stray bullet kills Sharon’s daughter Emily (10) during a mass shooting at a nearby high school.

Aaron Avant (18) the shooter is no stranger to death. His mother was killed in a car accident when he was five years old. His sister died of leukemia five years ago. Aaron lives at home with his abusive alcoholic father, Jed.

Wyatt Avant, Aaron’s fraternal twin is all that he has. However, Wyatt has been away at college since September. Though twins, Wyatt and Aaron are the complete opposite of each other. Aaron, borderline genius lacks the social graces that Wyatt possesses and vice versa when it comes to academic pursuits. Aaron gained entry into Ivy league colleges which he ignored, while Wyatt made into a community nursing college in Chicago, also partly to get away from his family.

NMA tracks the events of their lives leading up to the shooting.

Grief, anger and utter disbelief cloud a once perfect scenario for Damon and Sharon.

Dysfunction and remorselessness that’ll make you physically ill are, but on the other side of the wall where Wyatt tries to be there for a monster, he helped create.


Multimedia Reality Show
Book, Audiobook, T.V.
Subscription based
Release 2021
Status: Development


Starting in 2021, each year from September 5th to December 25th a select team of writers from around the world will gather in NYC to write a subscription-based online serial (cost $1 for the reader for the entire season) which the proceeds will go to charity. The writing process, the reception, and feedback from readers around the planet will be filmed and produced as a weekly reality T.V. show.

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