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Southern Man

90 minutes
Release 2022
Status: Filming

In New Zealand, where I come from, we have what is known as the “Southern Man.” According to Wikipedia: “…the southern man is a stereotypical male from the more rural South Island, well used to the solitude and conditions of open mountain or hill country.”

With that ideology comes certain beliefs and preconceptions by the man and about the man.

As a filmmaker and storyteller living in the Deep South of the United States, I see more and more Southerners challenging their beliefs and even their cultural history. In doing so, they are often left asking, “Who am I? What am I? Southern Man talks to men of the South to find out. READ MORE

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Multimedia Reality Show
Book, Audiobook, T.V.
Release 2021
Status: Development

Starting in 2021, each year from September 5th to December 25th a select team of writers from around the world will gather in NYC to write a story of hope and love. It will be a subscription-based online serial (cost $1 for the reader for the entire season) which the proceeds will go to charity. The writing process, the reception, and feedback from readers around the planet will be filmed and produced as a weekly reality T.V. show.

KEYWORDS: GUIOPERA, Tech Noir, etfiction, Emotional Techno Fiction

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