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Door Ajar - The M.B. Mayfield Story

75 minutes
Release 2019

Door Ajar – The M.B. Mayfield Story Trailer #1

Door Ajar – The M.B. Mayfield Story Trailer #2

From inside a broom closet through a cracked door, an African American janitor listens and learns art in segregated Mississippi.

Door Ajar – The M.B. Mayfield Story is an award-winning documentary.

1949 Segregated Mississippi.

While driving through Ercu, Mississippi to start his new job as the first chairman of the University of Mississippi art department, Prof. Stuart R. Purser discovers the roadside artwork of twenty-six-year-old African American primitive artist, M.B. Mayfield (1923-2005). It is here an amazing journey begins.

Purser, whose father was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, installs Mayfield as a janitor at the university with the sole purpose of teaching him. From inside the classroom’s broom closet with the door ajar, the artist listens and learns. And it is through this narrow opening these two men become an important part of Southern history.

Door Ajar captures the true essence of the South, told by those who grew up in a different era. Sometimes their yarns are jarringly awkward to listen to, but it’s always earnest and from the heart.

From a close family member to townspeople, to a civil rights campaigner, politician, judge, authors, documentary makers, and historians…Door Ajar records tales that sound like folklore but true.

Good Will Hunting goes South.

Paintings by M.B. Mayfield

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Name Type Role
Betty Gammel Cast Herself
Charles Gammel Cast Himself
Roy Turner Cast Himself
M.B. Mayfield Cast Herself
Martha Coleman Cast Herself
Bruce McCoy Cast Herself
Shirley Mayfield-Ware Cast Herself
Anne Wilder Cast Herself
Dennis Wilder Cast Himself
Regina Graham Cast Herself
Reverend David High Cast Himself
Bob McGee Cast Himself
Glen Davidson Cast Himself
Phillip L. Tutor Cast Himself
Tom Todd Cast Himself
David Magee Cast Himself
Candace Rosovsky Cast Herself
Alex Hicks Cast Herself
Sakul Mahat Cast Himself
Gracie Darland Cast Herself
Elias Addy Cast Himself
Donald Cole Cast Himself
James Meredith Cast Himself
Wilbur Hardy Cast Himself
Beatrice Blocker Cast Herself
Ian Banner Cast Himself
Lanny Flaherty Cast Himself
Jill Smith Cast Herself
Anita Cannon-Boyd Cast Herself
Dr. Terry Ward Cast Himself
Tosh Pierce Cast Herself
William Griffith Cast Himself
Chuqi Min Cast Herself
Michelle M. Pillow Producer
John Reyer Afamasaga Producer
John Reyer Afamasaga Writer
John Reyer Afamasaga Director
John Reyer Afamasaga Cinematographer
John Reyer Afamasaga Editor
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