Hardy, McConaughey, Buscemi & Boseman in Rookie Novelist’s Dream Team


Something that some authors think about is who would they cast in a movie of their book. Right from the start, I had my dream team selected. For the slick cockney accented Londoner Tiker, and the lead I couldn’t go past Mr. Tom Hardy. Even when he’s a lousy bugger you love Hardy. Matthew McConaughey a true-blue southerner gets to play villain Confederate, General Hatann Rebddof Retorfs. Steve Buscemi is Botham, the man with many hats. ‎Chadwick Boseman is York who is the star of volume 2 the next book “York’s Story.” Only 10-year-old Sovrin hasn’t been cast in my mind, due to my limited knowledge of today’s child stars. Now, I’m acutely aware that such a cast is probably unrealistic, but who cares. Once or twice during the writing, I wondered what Hardy would say in this situation…

Sovrin’s Star at Amazon: http://a.co/6z7NBnf


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